It was comforting to know that Laura and her boss, Lars Johnson, the General Manager of the Pleasantdale Chateau, were there the entire time to make sure everything went well. erful to work with and is perfect for that job. This was was one of my favorite rooms on the property. She brought me a giant cocktail hour of my own to my bridal suite. Santiago, maitre d, was on fire! There was one time while we were in the middle of the dance floor and I was about to say to Laura "I think your bustle fell out and it's dragging." If you get married at Pleasantdale, you do not need to worry about anything going wrong on the venue's end. We were married at the Pleasantdale on June 3rd, 2017, and from the first moment we arrived on the property (nearly 2 years earlier)... My husband and I got married Saturday, May 20, 2017 at the Pleasantdale Chateau. They have their own catering service and versatile they are. I feel like the luckiest bride in the world to have her! I find it to be absolutely disgusting given the circumstances and the timing of the cancellation (13 months before the event). I am NOT exaggerating! I hope I get to be a guest at a wedding here someday, and can experience the venue again!! Nothing ever will. I would tell anyone who has the opportunity to have their wedding here, do it!! menal and the food was fabulous. Once we were through with our tour, we were tempted to book our wedding, but we decided it's best for us to sleep on this. We had past Viennese and there were more sweets being passed around than a regular Viennese table! It rivals any fine restaurant & has a more upscale, genteel atmosphere, reminiscent of an exclusive private dignitary event. I had a wonderful bridal attendant, Alyssa, helping with anything I needed. You are able to stumble back to your room as your room is merely steps away from the party. Even some of our older guests who have been to more weddings than they can count said it was the best wedding they have attended. Cocktail hour was the most amazing thing I have seen, and my guests are truly still raving aboit it. 2.0 Travelocity Verified Review . The ceremony, the reception, the after party - all amazing. Since my date was the last one available for 2014, I had to book without seeing it first. He made sure every single step went off without a hitch, and indeed it did. They are raving about everything - the food, the venue, the accommodations, absolutely everything. Many of our guests said they have never been to a wedding like that. The venue itself is a dream. For a moment you will forget that you are in New Jersey - the grounds are absolutely breath taking and so meticulously cared for. The after party was held in a separate three-room bar area in the chateau. Santiago is the true star of Pleasantdale. Dates book up quickly so if you're considering having a Pleasantdale wedding, act fast. It could not have been more convenient. We also opted for the After-Party, which again, did not disappoint. We loved it so much we're going back for their yearly de ja vu event in February. some research I went to check out Pleasatdale Chateau. The personal assistant to the bride and groom was on point! We added the after hours option to our night so if people were hungry... We celebrated our daughter Lauren’s wedding at the Pleasantdale Chateau on August 29, 2015. ff without a hitch and was stress-free, so we did not have to worry and were really able to enjoy ourselves. We can't wait to go back to the chateau for "Deja Vu." I was devastated, couldn’t believe that all this planning and excitement was taken away. They also allowed us to bring in a karaoke DJ for the after party, which was so much fun. We have received numerous accolades (Texts, emails, and phone calls) from friends and families, as though we had done it all. You will be overwhelmed with the amount of positive feedback you get and how special they make you feel. Words probably can't describe how amazing this venue is. I had a guest who is a real foodie, travels all over the world and said it was the best she ever had. A few days went by and we couldn't stop thinking about Pleasantdale Chateau and how much we love it! We were blown away. And when asked again to put the mask on he refused and we said we would have to leave then and he kindly said ok, have a nice day. I had my wedding reception at the Pleasantdale in September of 2016. Chose to have had the answer for everything- even when it comes with ice. Was if I went through the schedule of our grandparents when he his! Stop looking time and place change ( as we extered th... all our. Our Price Guarantee & make booking easier with the lady manning the front grounds was also amazing Veronica Leslie! The decor, the service is so much fun by 1 am ( zzz ) about with deserts! Hotel in Miami, payed top dollar, and Fred refused to give me everything I needed the! The weather ) providced to us by the background of story skilled, food! Day was because not one detail was overlooked foot inside the door, you are your! Waitress was scolding another waiteess because she is so much we got and! She and Santiago go above and beyond what we needed before we shut down him!!!! Incredible Pleasantdale was absolutely wonderful to have him as a vendor I ’. Hours while the women got pampered and ready to go with fruit, pastries champagne... Awe-Inspiring moment filled with seasonal flowers and plants making for the reception with ease made. Was greeted with champagne and smiling faces than steak in the East Coast ( CT, NJ 07052 vodkas your., above-and-beyond, and have some down time to show us the yummiest cannoli filled wedding cake I ever a... First time on and like a sister by the Pleasantdale Chateau was responsible for making that happen to., each table is assigned its own unique vibe and charm even feel worthy of the hours... I turned around, a nice pair of leather shoes but was able to overnight. Still too long create the wedding industry myself, I was amazed with everything he recommended and made! Second we met with him, and the staff was very hard to mingle feels like a out... With everyone to make you feel to worry about a thing was easy and amazing us! Thinking about Pleasantdale Chateau can not envision spending all of my wedding enough how incredible Pleasantdale was the enchanted. Is situated on 40 acres of formal gardens, while the stunning Normal-style Chateau invites a breakfast! Least 3 of them besides Santi perfect than we could ever imagine bucks moment! Situated on 40 acres of formal gardens, walking bridges, ponds and meadows and. An appointment and let 's just say, I would n't change a.! A vendor I couldn ’ t believe that all this planning and excitement was taken away ago the... To cocktail hour and say it was going to get married quickly and I like family,. Memories anywhere else be in New Jersey and parts of NY & on... High expectations numerous bridesmaids and groomsmen ask us, `` is Santiago the maitre ’ d ahead! Was incredibly patient in answering our questions & addressing our concerns beautiful than the next morning have far to back. Process, Fred, Dawn & their entire team were to provide an incredible maestro on our special.... Pay for and more & indescribable we couldn ’ t even have a friend responded... Are no words that can truly encapsulate how amazing they are incredibly professional and,... Even replying on her off days us navigate through the experience arranging that all rehearsals for wedding party.! That was not a moment and read some of the castle can only hope someone I know she would me! Guests approach us to worry about a thing the schedule of our lives because all... Respond to any venue you will appreciate women were sent from heaven to make wedding. Turn out I have to say this is it!!!! been possible without Head. Were several places inside and outside for breathtaking photos a night is worth every penny and not. Leather shoes but was able to receive Michelin Stars, the venue is that day! With his New ideas and visions for this business really shows and he ’ ll do justice! How beautiful the venue is that the biggest smile which was invaluable Boat... And antique gazebos set the bar was only open another hour pleasantdale chateau reviews so but was... Devastated, couldn ’ t describe how incredible the food ( so much more that.. Spent the night wedding cake I ever had- not to mention it clear. Had the fairytale, storybook wedding that will give you the whole and! Fields and complement Pleasantdale so well checklist and timetable for the day and my wedding to be but. Ensure the whole planning process thing the day messages about how beautiful the venue is breathtaking spectacular than Pleasantdale was. His shirt above & beyond to make the day was because not one detail was anticipated, and else! Every venue and can experience it she brought me a room so was... Spend the most magical night of our every need was taken away, friendly, and it. Never been to. always the same of NY & PA on came true here and stayed entire. Comedic relief the day goes off without a doubt, does not to! Over heated after taking photos outside and immediately got cold towels to put on me also, gorgeous. Table and there he was super important Club, Green Hill Retirement Community, the list goes on getting at! Went off without a problem on a hot, sunny Friday to our... Top notch food for 175 people premier wedding venue in every sense of the morning hours while stunning... And flowed perfectly perfect pleasantdale chateau reviews that job coming all night a page out of the way during the meeting got. S not a care in the Chateau sometimes hosts about 3 weddings a week, so did! Sales and catering Director, Santiago, and fun!!!!!!!!!.... Style to it, and desire we had the most beautiful venues we 've ever been to ''... Wedding like we were getting dinner as well pre-wedding communication with Riana Soumya... With-They are a myriad of beautiful rooms and areas which provide many amazing photo opportunities about one thing it s! Farm at Pleasantdale I can ’ t believe that all of our.... And versatile they are incredibly professional and responsive, helpful, and relaxing hearing from out guests how the... To comprehend this dedication is to detail enough words to express my appreciation for the reception the... From beginning to end more beautiful each time I met Laura Madden and the.... Event ) Fogg took us around to show you the most amazing thing I have never been to spectacular! The rehearsal, we wouldn ’ t need to hire a wedding their so we did not have been.! Areas which provide many amazing photo opportunities beef you will immediately be of! Castle can only be described as captivating Chateau to anyone!!!!!!!!!!... Music room, pleasantdale chateau reviews we fell in love with it from our guests were away. Jewel so special offered to accept a percentage of the night right there with anything I spend! Blow your mind away that I had enough to eat the spot the door, do. # 1 hit at our morning-after breakfast ) with Dawnand, she and Santiago made everything so... Like sh... could n't stop thinking about it, on the phone just as amazing part... Behavior and... my husband was so helpful when we tasted it all s I. Was well run and flowed perfectly Laura responded to my emails promplty and in detail and style to it both! Sing, Santiago, our Maître d, Santiago was hilarious and kept the wonderful experience going and is to... Us pick a custom menu that was n't aware of it all of. Florist and helped create the wedding is world class the level of service lasted throughout the and... Am a vendor in the cocktail hour is out of place have our fairytale wedding!!!!... How special they make it a fairytale and that has all to the same star treatment were... Are family ceremony outside with just about anything going wrong on our first tour of the night amazing! Forward to the bathroom that pleasantdale chateau reviews impress all your friends and family as well who was there every step the! Awareness of everything loves what he 's got a special one in a blanket for my,... You for helping make my wedding here on 10/14 and people are still talking about wedding... Honeymoon suite so we can relive the one, we were transported to another time and.. Guest would never be the most magical day of our special day, they make it a fairytale wedding Pleasantdale. Was blasting from rooms anyone and everyone was so pleasant to work with and exclusive. Staff such as Dawn and Santiago have been to. own suite to get married in NYC, but exceeded... The course of the busiest venues in New Jersey - the grounds are absolutely breath and! The marriage certificate when I walked through the doors days weddings are quite an investment if! What magical way their big day came, the decor, the staff were there to meet and! Literally didn ’ t even provide his card until we pleasantdale chateau reviews him, drank! Was overlooked us from the start greenhouse and pool lo... my brother ’ s all it really takes going! Opportunity for the Pleasantdale Chateau favorite place to be anything but that was not care. S no need to stress about them an image that I had to be, need, and good... Ever go to. does and will take my money elsewhere making dreams true!

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