SPINDLES. Loosen the nut and very slowly tighten the slotted stud. “Greetings, I recently purchased a 91032277 steering box. There is a slotted threaded stud with a nut to lock it. Slowly tighten down the Adjusting Screw while turning the steering box from lock to lock until you feel the box tighten while passing through the center of travel. I have adjusted the box until the adjusting screw would stop moving and I still have over one inch free play. This screw must have enough clearance to allow the Sector Shaft to turn without binding on the screw, but no so much that there is excessive end play in the Sector Shaft to affect gear mesh. There are 4 bolts holding a little plate in place and the screw is in the center of that. Compare Speedway Chrome Vega Cross Steering Box. i was just adjusting my p/s steering box trying to get the free play outta my wheel. steering system relief pressure at the steering gear. The fourth adjustment is usually preformed after a rebuild of the steering box. Make sure that the axle stops are present and set for the proper turning as per manufacturer’s specifications. The rubber flex coupler is ripped in a lot of cases when you have excessive play in the steering wheel. Tighten the inner piece like you would wheel bearings i.e. Turn the adjusting screw clockwise 1/4 turn. There's a great tutorial in the FAQs. I could fill it one day, and the next day, the entire contents of the gear box was on my garage floor. The center set screw, and the nut are a very tight tolerance. I have purchased a rebuild kit but would like to try some adjustment first. Saginaw steering gear adjustment I wouldn't bother adjusting the play until it get to be more than 1" of play in the steering. While you have the weight off the front wheels, check for side play in the spindles and loose wheel bearings. Systems temperatures are therefore reduced, and high stress loads on the mechanical components of the steering system are relieved. Hold the allen tightly and tighten the jam nut up without moving the allen. does that tighten it up. To remove the factory gear box, we had to raise the engine a couple inches for clearance. Insert a 3/16" Allen into the top of the threaded rod (this is how you set preload on the steering box) and hold it still. Using a torque wrench on the input shaft with the handle in the vertical position, rotate the shaft 45 degrees from each side of center. View (0) $1,009.99 More Info. 1. SAGINAW GEAR BOX ADJUSTMENT The first adjustment is the input of the box where the steering shaft comes in. Right. Place the sector in the middle of the worm. seat I would make sure that is in good condition before attempting to mess the the back/lash adjustment on the steering box. Locate the adjustment screw on the top of the steering box. I have heard that it is possible to rotate the worm wheel in the steering box 180 degrees in order to have the worm engage an unworn part of the worm wheel, but I don't know how to do this, or maybe this is not the problem. Don't adjust your steering box, unless you have slop. Discussion Starter • #1 • Mar 2, 2013. You DON'T adjust the screw or touch it at all. Touching it or doing *anything* with it will do one thing and one thing only, … Once centralized the third adjustment can be re-peated, thus, improving the mesh between the two. If you don't have slop, then adjusting your steering box will just make it break or wear out faster. View (29) $199.99 More Info. To adjust the over-center preload torque, center the steering gear input shaft again. Adjust the relief valve plunger as follows: 1. Adjusting Two-Tooth Sector Steering Gear While practically all dealers' mechanics are familiar with the correct procedure in making the ordinary adjustments on the two-tooth sector design steering gear, investigation shows that all mechanics are not clear on how … If you can move the steering wheel back and forth without the Pitman arm moving then slack still exists in the TRW. Steering Freeplay adjustment: Ford max is 1.5" Next is the installation of the sector shaft & adjuster plate assy. Hi, I am sure this subject has been dealt with before but, can anybody tell me where to adjust the steering box on my P15 as I have a lot of play on the steering wheel. 2. Many mechanics will assume that the unit is centered when it arrives, however usually it is not. 71 stock power steering. It would be great if … 9. My problems is I don't know how to adjust the box. Got freeplay out of steering wheel and car tracked nicer with a little steering box play removed. EZGO steering adjustment: Start with the steering wheel by loosening the central shat nut attached to it. Hey. Now in 1/4 turn increments, turn the Allen wrench clockwise and then lock down the jam nut. Steering Box Adjustment ~~~ To check the worm and roller steering adjustment - Raise the front wheels off the ground. If those are tight and you still feel loose at the wheel, you can adjust the tension on the box. I have taken the side covers off around the steering box. The fourth adjustment centralizes the contact of the Two Tooth Sector with the Worm Gear. It will not adjust 'feel' whatsoever. 1) Turn the steering wheel to the center position of its travel (drag link disconnected). Re-adjust Bearing Nut and Lock Ring until reading is correct with Lock Ring tightened down. The Sheppard Integral Power Steering Gears have been designed to provide long service life and simple service repair. Earlier steering boxes do not have the heavy on center feel to them so you simply adjust those until you begin to feel tension increase, then go about a 1/8 - 1/4 of a turn until it is at the desired tension which should be about 20 inch pounds of rotational force IIRC. The rack and sector shaft does not require center point adjustment. Remove the filler cap. Move them apart in opposite directions using the box wrench and allen wrench 30 - 45 degree separation. Products to Compare (max of 3) X. That screw is there to preload the worm-gear when the box is *assembled* as in assembled at the factory, just like Bully Bob said. However, for a complete overhaul with the steering adjustment, you need more tools and lubricants and take the entire steering wheel out.

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