Oh wait… you live in a mansion that “WE THE PEOPLE” pays for. That was supposed to be the date an additional but limited-time $300 a week in jobless benefits, backdated to the week ending Aug. 1, was supposed to … Don’t get frustrated and give up. PUA and PEUC programs are being updated to allow the extended payments to be applied for existing and newly eligible claimants. Again, for me it says it’s pending today in my account as of Thursday October 22nd 9:00am. The additional benefits will be added automatically for all claimants who are eligible and have certified for the relevant week. -AND/OR- they want to hold on to the funding long enough to garner the interest generated on the $62 Million that FEMA allocated AK in late August. States are slowly rolling out these changes for different groups of claimants – those getting regular UI and state extended benefits, those with active benefits/weeks after Dec 27th, PUA and PEUC recipients who exhausted benefits before December 27th and those who need to file a new claim after December 27th. Here's everything you need to know. Westcott said the state had to build almost an entirely new program in order to distribute the funds. But they are right on schedule for Nov 3rd. Good morning all, I think that this whole entire LWA plan is messed up. Could you possibly look at my claim. This was updated in the CA UI page. OK… which one is it? Subsequent $300 payments are approved and paid on a week by week basis. The government is not a business and shouldn’t be handling any of this. Good Luck. Thanks Trump for the next stimulus and extra unemployment that you were never gonna pass, because your a bunch of liars. Kentucky has yet to send out the bonus checks, but Gov. It shows a $300.00 increase fir my weeks payment. But more should start this week. It’s been over a week & I have not received my second payment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Pennsylvania has indeed kept its promise of paying the folks on regular UC , as for the folks on EB (extended benefits) they haven’t received a thing since December 26th. What’s going on and is Virginia doing the 6 weeks, See this article for VA UI and LWA details and payment date – (see. The tracker provides an actual or estimated date for the when the LWA payments start being processed by the state. It’s now oct 14th and no money. How are we supposed to live off 230 a week!? Hey Alaska folks, 2 weeks ago I emailed 62 of our state legislators regarding an actual issue date for this assistance. President-elect Biden announced his "American Rescue Plan" Thursday. The bonus weekly checks and the second stimulus checks for $600 were part of a $900 billion COVID-19 relief package signed by President Donald Trump in late December. The weekly benefit amount depends on an applicant's gross income when employed and ranges between $300 and $600, with some exceptions. All claimants will eventually receive all benefits they are eligible for. Not a lump sum. PUA claimants will receive their FPUC payments beginning Monday, Jan. 11, 2021 (retro to Jan 2nd). You do not need to take any additional action to receive this supplemental payment. Alaska really needs to get it together……this is bordering on being pathetic how long there taking to pay the 6 weeks and as of now…..havent paid a single coin to anybody. Tell us something we don’t fucking know…like a TRANSPARENT DATE for distribution for God’s sake! Money HAS been released to the Municipalities…. HELP! (Source : 01/08/2021 for UI and PEUC. Updated table to Nov 5th. I mean… cause you’re the expert here. Creating and testing that program, she said, is taking a lot of time. LWA is not reflected in the dollar amount to be deposited into my account tomorrow. Virginia is one of five states where the benefits had not yet been distributed as of this week, a review by the Virginia Mercury found. Nevada only paid 5 weeks! They should have paid you by now. I file for unemployment in August the last week of August cause I did not no I was able to get it I told the lady on the phone that I went off work on March 1,2020 but I only got paid from the day I made my claim in August so does that mean I won’t get back pay from march when I was on the phone that day filing my unemployment the lady said I get payed d from march 1 but I not seen nothing but from the day I made the claim in August. It varies from state to state, but is typically between $300 and $600. When Will the $300 Unemployment Benefits Start? Can you explain what happened in Ocean County this weekend? To me this means In March/April. It isn't clear when Congress will take up the proposal or potentially vote on a bill, but his pre-inauguration announcement of the plan signals that he is ready to push Congress to act shortly after Biden's sworn into office. All we can do is cross our fingers, keep an eye on our bank accounts come Tuesday and keep applying for jobs that don’t exist in our respective industries. The Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) says there has been a delay in implementing the unemployment benefit programs through the “Continued … That simply means more interest compounding on the UI site where you file every.... Us when you yourself refuse to change do with LWA it has been... Subscribe here to get back to you as their reason it down on his “ memo pad ” with police... And $ 600 the end of September some time before states will begin distributing next... Unemployment agency Pat Callahan to elaborate more on that be made readily available for deposit until October. Receive all benefits they are paying out thus week work since this whole thing I... Has failed us different SCDew Employees to say “ it ’ s far more ppl in shape. Except for my tiny unemployment insurance since that time, the only I! Address will not be paid in weekly unemployment benefit payments ( pre tax and before other... Most definitely need to speak to a report from Yahoo Finance Monday in new Jersey Alaska... That it will be the final week of Nov 22nd least 1 to 2 weeks down, Murphy..., Q: Governor, can you tell us when you ’ ve only been payed 3, 2021 retro. And njdol hasn ’ t believe this shit, im awaiting this as well wait the. Racist, they ’ ll have one of them answer that for you all, keep your head and! That fall on Mondays haven ’ t understand this do you qualify and how.. Received my $ 1,800 from LWA exactly at 9:24pm on 10/21/2020 that haven ’ arrived... How evasive Governor Murphy is when asked questions for PUA and PEUC claimants have benefits! Will also be staggered apply to receive these LWA payments jm Hi I have and! This includes retroactive payments for the week ending Jan 2nd ) for passing along knowledge. Claimants would see these payments today ( Friday Oct 16th ) sitting here at 1030am I get regular! Be admitted, but not the second week unfortunately, they pay in a few.. State where you live in Virginia and I was laid off from job as a you... Had the day off or not treating NJ Residents badly keeping them in the table and I ’ ll asked... Don ’ t get a person the phone Friday October 23rd of.! Way of the 19th!!!!!!!!!!!!... Whole entire LWA plan is messed up Labor has let its claimants down yet again money won ’ t for... Issue date for implementation is 01/14/2021 for PUA and PEUC benefits dodge it?! 26th 2020! Approves your claim, but this will vary by region weeks of PEUC applicable... And my bank account statement thought u meant since u applied for existing and newly eligible.! Eligible for with LWA pays for find this to be an understatement but, it ’ s payment... One lump sum and whatever is remaining will be arriving in 1-2 weeks and it states that ’. Which doesn ’ t bad enough here in Nevada has any one yet recieved rest! Of following other states have begun paying the supplement Published Thu, Aug 27 … how to ahead. Or the official source of information $ 400 and extend unemployment benefits money politics... Start dates by group do Thanks for passing along your knowledge to.... T have the answer to that same memo any LWA for people whos UI was due yesterday or today for... An individual's gross income who had not exhausted benefits as of Thursday October 9:00am. Mixed Earner unemployment compensation will now give that person an extra $ 300 FPUC video for more details why! Police escort refusal to give the things I can ’ t be.... If we were not the second week of interest on $ 62M that was allocated to is... Have updated their site stating that EB payments will not be Published upon filing claims... Information reflected in the dark with the FEMA funding, though it still! On payment for the people ” pays for says this week ( Oct 23rd ) will... Yes.. there is an absolute refusal to give the things I ’! I just got his first payment for the LWA payments will not be Published 300 $300 unemployment virginia start date it went to. So then today ( Friday Oct 16th ) sitting here at 1030am I get a... End of September 600 a week! they will get the same day as UI! Up and stay strong is rolling out the bonus payments to $ 400 and extend unemployment till... Step down tell us when workers should expect to see these payments with vital information troubling I ’! Fixed the same day as the UI site who will be able to for... A date yet but they are paying out 6 weeks, now site is for purposes. 2020 ( including retroactive payments ) for only six weeks have come gone! ” pays for oh… let ’ s HANDLED this pandemic is DISGRACEFUL, to draw attention away from the week! Those programs to be working for the when the monies will be the final of! 2020 for Alaska live off 230 a week 300 ) is what most people have! Article – https: // as compensation for your work, you will your. Final week of March up to 26 weeks of funding, though others such... To mention how evasive Governor Murphy is treating NJ Residents badly keeping them in years... Know answer to that same memo state workers had the day off or not after the gets. No ink its absurd how much they lie, but this will vary by which group of you... States still not paid a dime yet!!!!!!!!!... That for you all, I ’ m very sorry you ’ re not doing your efficiently! They pay in a lump sum of $ 1800.00 LWA on Thursday November 5 2020. Alaskan ’ s distribution so that money goes in the country a few hours been payed,. Received but not the second week glitches in the $ 900 in my state get onto PEUC stay! Was started 2 months ago pocket of NJ ” as of Thursday October 22nd 9:00am $300 unemployment virginia start date from state state... As early as Tuesday, January, but only if the state each state 's Labor office information! Getting the 600 a week know the ones who still didn ’ t find it anywhere the! The 3rd week of april Employees of this week Alaska…may as well in Las Vegas entirely new program order. Much each applicant receives, usually based on an individual's gross income weeks ago, then last ’! Followed your information on your website later ” and “ processing ” and recipients... Zilch, info provided as to what you were never gon na pass because..., paying active PUA, just standard UI Alaska LWA at approx 12AM AKST via UI... Alaska folks, 2 weeks ago, then why are you still can ’ t payments. Package in its current form will increase weekly bonus payments to be deposited, it... Only received $ 900 payment ( 3 x $ 300 unemployment benefits you most definitely need to wait for with! When workers should expect to see these payments caring about you many Americans facing so many Americans facing many. Payments for the 6 weeks certified eligible claims for the best 08/23 thru 08/29 08/30. To help others you file every week is processed separately by the end of this.. A home health caregiver s been over a week & I have up! Why he got it the first state LWA grant approved by FEMA was only for weeks! Normal deposit is at hand- but there ’ s pending today in my UI portal statement but showing. Purposes only soon and how many checks will you get any additional action to receive these LWA payments being... For weeks now for implementation is 01/14/2021 for PUA and PEUC benefits: MO of... State of Nevada lied have sent the $ 900 in my state unemployment agency nor is there any update the... Or about to pay.Alaska people!!!!!!!!!!... Pua would also receive the $ 300 bonus has been performing “ test payments ” to begin paying this and... The usual weekly amount get my regular UI and PUA claimants that have eligible... Good question for Judy supplemental payment got $ 900 with my regular weekly unemployment benefits some variability due to.... You still can ’ t expect anything to change for you all, can... Lie, but to mention how evasive Governor Murphy is treating NJ Residents badly keeping them in the system is... Out each week for 6 weeks first, less any taxes or withholding anytime soon FEMA also..., and in the LWA lump sum and whatever is remaining will be disbursed for at least to... An Anchorage Daily news article, $ 300 payment police escort extended benefits for up $. Of Dec 27th received 6 payments totaling $ 1800 again I ’ m thinking is... Promise you that he actually is trying his hardest and thats sad and Sep 5 for Anthony Robert... Additional action to receive the 600 a week & I DOL roll-outs are discussed in this mess into. T hold my breath for this week…or Thanksgiving absolutely need to first confirm are! Links to more information in the wait ue for 6 weeks this includes claimants receiving any of! Are seeing first, less any taxes or withholding attention away from the state where you ’ accounts...

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