All their royalty-free tracks are handpicked by music industry experts. This is definitely a great thing. Whereas other libraries claim to be royalty free then require you to report usage and pay performance royalties, Epidemic Sound includes everything; packaging all the legal rights you could need into one simple license. This allows you to retain 100% of the publishing on Sunny Day. Today, as a rule, it’s a very different story. What production music libraries work best for your style of music? Why? Soundware news. TRANSFORM from STARVING ARTIST to SUCCESSFUL MUSICIAN! How to Submit Music to Music Libraries: A List of Music Submission Pages One of the best revenue streams I've found for music comes from licensing. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the WeAreTheMusicMakers community, Continue browsing in r/WeAreTheMusicMakers, Press J to jump to the feed. Thank you. If you work with just one non-exclusive company to administer your music, then you probably won’t run into any issues, but here’s the problem… most people won’t. There is some basic understanding of publishing and contracts that's required, but this is, after all, your business and career. Good points: Once you’ve set up your tracks in music libraries (under non-exclusive deals, you can upload your catalogue in multiple libraries), the income you get from these platforms is passive. Do you have a fear of giving up the rights to your music? In the rest of this post, I will explain the essentials (exclusive versus non-exclusive deals, synch fees versus performance royalties, the role of music libraries, etc.) Get the facts before you decide. This is where working with multiple non-exclusives can turn into a big mess…. Generally speaking, a non-exclusive library will take your song, re-title it, and administer the rights to the re-titled version of your song. Confused? Generally speaking, a non-exclusive library will take your song, re-title it, and administer the rights to the re-titled version of your song. Guides, tariffs and links to the best production music libraries around. This allows you to retain the full rights to your originally titled song. You may submit tracks that have already been placed elsewhere as examples, but they require exclusivity on all tracks added to their library. Non-exclusive means that you can pitch the same tracks that you have with us to other companies, while exclusive means that those tracks would be exclusive to Directional Music. And reasonable composer's share of course from the syncs. Let me give you an example: HOW NON-EXCLUSIVES WORK… Let’s say I have a song called Sunny Day. Licensing music for use in television, movies, ads, radio, video games, digital apps, websites, ect, gives you that much needed income so you can continue to finance your additional music goals. Non-Exclusive: Alright, the big benefit of being non-exclusive is that you can literally get your music out there, to anyone. Some libraries say you can submit music to them non-exclusively. Tunefruit: A fun, fresh music marketplace for online video with convenient searching by popular genres and tags. Non-Exclusive. This can make high-end clients reluctant to use non-exclusive music. For many of us, our songs are our babies, and we don't want to just. Option 2: Placing your catalogue in music libraries . What have your experiences been with exclusive and/or non-exclusive libraries? Vintage Country Songs Needed by a Non-Exclusive Music Library. Composers and songwriters who want to submit music should follow the following guidelines. (We get paid by our clients to source and license music for them.) What's the best music library to get started? Semi-exclusive . Let them deal with it.” But ultimately Company A is getting paid for something they didn’t do, while Company B is going to be looking for the money that they’re owed…. It's easy to submit on line with them but you do have to wait awhile for accept/reject notice. Non-exclusive libraries are facing rising technical problems caused by the growth of automatic tune-recognition software which scans broadcasts and Internet videos and creates clashes between rival claims over the same music. Do you have a fear of giving up the rights to your music? Non-exclusive production music libraries enable a composer to sign a non-exclusive agreement allowing the artist to license the same piece to other libraries and clients with the same non-exclusive agreement. By being a non-exclusive music library, it's obviously easier to grow your music library quickly. Zdravko Djordjevic. Remember, same exact recording, just different titles…. Our deal is non-exclusive, and we encourage musicians to take advantage of as many chances to pay off that Gretsch you still have 198 payments left on. should you sign with a non-exclusive library? I've thought of creating some library music for TV etc to hopefully get some extra income and eventually a trickle of PRO royalties going on. Best non-exclusive stock music libraries (for the composer)? June 24, 2012. If you are serious about creating a long-term income, and long-term career through licensing, it's been my experience that you really have to go the exclusive route. Now, as the songwriter, you’re still going to get paid your portion for the songwriting, so you may think, "Who cares? Good point! This is why many musicians initially decide to work with a non-exclusive music library instead of an exclusive one. But the main idea with the non-exclusive ones would basically be... well, you go to some of them and listen to some of the tracks and some of them don't sound very good. List of high end music libraries. 5. Please only submit music tracks that: Have not been placed in any media productions before, AND; Have never been re-titled or placed in a non-exclusive library; If your music fits this description, we are happy to take a … To be clear, they are administering the EXACT SAME RECORDING, just under a different title. This is why many musicians initially decide to work with a non-exclusive music library instead of an exclusive one. Original, vintage Country songs with male or female vocals that were recorded between 1940 and 1979 are needed by a Non-Exclusive Music Library with a ton of credits in Feature Films, TV Shows, and TV Commercials. You don’t have to look sharp, or have a shave, or buy a return trip to London. Learn about the pros and cons of exclusive and non-exclusive music licensing deals. It is also important that they do not generate any type of Content ID (fingerprint or trace music). We generally don't take a piece of license fees, so 100% come to you. You don’t get fifteen minutes. The number that gets bandied around a lot is 1500 tracks spread out over a number of different libraries both exclusive and non-exclusive. No. On top of this, again generally speaking, If you're concerned that an exclusive library will own the publishing of your music forever, simply. CD Baby offers music licensing services, but on very different (more artist-friendly) terms than what is discussed below. I'm curious why non-exclusive? We maintain a list of friendly and helpful re-title non-exclusive libraries to whom we refer new customers who may be better suited by the non-exclusive business model, just send us an email. This is totally understandable. The best place for when you want music for audio and audio-visual productions. Research Music Libraries. Many composers and songwriters are lately being offered what seems like a deal too good to pass up: get film/TV placements of their music and a share of sync fees from non-exclusive distributors while retaining 100% of their copyrights.

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